Deadspin: UCLA's Chris Sailer Reinvents Special Teams Recruiting

Christian Petersen

Deadspin's Mike Pielucci has a really good post about former UCLA punter/kicker Chris Sailer and his partner (and his UCLA long snapper Chris Rubio and the work they've done getting schools to recruit punters, placekickers and snappers.

Sailer, now 36, was UCLA's punter as a true freshman and is the only UCLA player ever to be an All American at two positions in the same season.

It's a really good piece from several angles, but my favorite is that Sailer and Rubio were such smart entrepreneurs. They saw a need not only for a top training facility for long snappers and kickers but also that college coaches did such a poor job of recruiting those two critical positions.

Interestingly, UCLA almost always has a top kicker, punter and long snapper. Our last two long snappers -- Kevin McDermott and Christian Yount are both pros. Chris Kluwe and Jeff Locke are two pro punters that come to mind. Kai Forbath is the kicker for the pro football team from Washington D.C.

The piece is highly recommended.

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