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UCLA Loses Ugly to Stanford, 24-10

The Penalties and Bad Snaps Catch Up to UCLA.

Ezra Shaw

The ugliest game we have seen in a while.  Yes, part of the ugliness was due to injuries but Stanford had injuries as well.  Yes UCLA almost ran out of offense lineman due to injuries but any Center should be able to snap the ball.

That's just it.  UCLA was still making stupid penalties at the wrong time, as it has done all year.  UCLA's center still could not snap the ball consistently, as has been a problem much of the year.  UCLA got away with in the past, but not against a solid Stanford team on the road that has beat them three times in the last 11 months.

Another concern was Brett Hundley had his worst game in a long time.  Some bad passes, some bad decisions, Hundley for Heisman went bust today.  He will come back, but outside the third quarter Hundley had a rough game.  Some of that was due to the offense line but not all of it.

The only bright side was the defense.  Yes the defense wore down at the end of the game.  But they held Stanford to 3 points in the first half despite being on the field over 20 minutes.  The defense generally played well with no help from the offense.  The loss of Kendricks to injury hurt but more the defense wore down by the end the game as they were on the field too much.

Fire away with your thoughts.