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Bumped (11/23): Blogged this a month ago after the Stanford game and discussed more after Oregon. With just one game left in this regular season, we need to keep asking how exactly Taylor Mazzone became UCLA's "Quarterbacks coach" even though he was hired as a "Y receivers coach," and what has he exactly done with number 17? GO BRUINS. - N

Bumped (10/27). Blogged this last Sunday after the Stanford game. Lifting this into the cover tonight so that folks can think about this issue some more. Unclear what kind of "coaching" Brett Hundley is getting at Spaulding and what exactly does Taylor Mazzone do UCLA? GO BRUINS. - N

Well this is somewhat interesting. Back in January Jim Mora promoted Taylor Mazzone to "Y receivers coach."As reported then by Jack Wang:

Graduate assistant Taylor Mazzone will be promoted to the Y receivers coaching spot vacated by Marques Tuiasosopo. The news was first reported yesterday on Twitter by FootballScoop.

"A lot of excitement and anxiousness," Mazzone said of his feelings upon hearing the news. "I've been waiting for quite a while. This is a great opportunity at a great university. Coaching in the Pac-12 for my first job is unbelievable."

That's exactly how we noted it in our Bruin Bites marking his promotion as "Y receivers coach."

Yet. Look here -- on UCLA's official site - he is noted as "Quarterbacks Coach":

Taylor Mazzone
Position: Quarterbacks Coach
Alma Mater: East Carolina '09
And here:
Taylor Mazzone Bio Taylor Mazzone Quarterbacks Coach

What is going on? Isn't there a huge difference between a "quarterbacks coach" and a "Y receivers coach." I also found this note amusing wrt to hyping Taylor Mazzone:

The son of offensive coordinator Noel Mazzone, Taylor worked previously as a graduate assistant at Arizona State, where he helped groom quarterback Brock Osweiler. He has also worked with Tim Tebow and Christian Ponder; he and his father have been credited for helping the latter become the No. 12 overall pick in 2011 NFL Draft.

I am not sure if one were to hype up their training of "NFL QBs" - Tebow and Ponder would be the names to highlight. Yikes.

Anyway -- so what is Taylor's job responsibilities? Is he coaching the "Y receivers" or is he coaching our "quarterbacks"? If he is the "quarterbacks coach" - shouldn't there have been an official announcement? And if he is our "quarterbacks coach" - I am guessing he is the guy responsible for what certainly appears to Hundley's regression through his second year as the starting QB at UCLA (overall his third year in Westwood)?


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