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UCLA at Oregon: First Half Game Thread

Tracking live game action of UCLA-Oregon at Autzen Stadium, Eugene, Oregon.

Eric Francis

Well, here we go. The game thread is here. Although, I am not sure we are even having a game thread because it seems like Bruins should have probably just stayed back in California and give the Ducks their win.

The excuses have been piling on all week. Here is a sample of the general tone of what we have been reading and hearing. We are too "young" (a permanent talking point from Morgan Center to justify decade long general mediocrity in our two revenue sports). We are not supposed to win year because you know we are building towards a magical future - in other words, just like the Cubs it's always about the next year! Plus, there is the always pathetic - gosh, we have enough talent to give the Mighty Ducks a game! YAY! MORAL VICTORY FTW!

Our full game-week coverage of blogging, fanposting, fanshotting can be found here. The kickoff is scheduled for 4:00 pm PST - a national telecast on ESPN with Brett Musberger (lolz), Kirk Herbstreit and Heather Cox.

It sure will be interesting to see how our players come out and how our coaches approach this game. Are they going to play to win like an elite program (even in it's budding stages) with no sense of fear or are they going to play conservatively in the pathetic Donahue style to keep things close? We are going to find out soon.

Let's get it.