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Bruin Bites: Post-Oregon Notes, Marcedes Returns, MJD Rolls, and Hundley Out of Heisman Contention?

It's Monday morning and the Bruins are back in Westwood following a very disappointing road trip to Eugene, thanks in large part to another stale, vanilla, uninspired effort by Noel Mazzone's offense, which just like during his time at ASU, is becoming predictable to conference opponents. But the Bruins will have a chance to get their offense in gear against the hapless Colorado Buffaloes this upcoming Saturday at the Rose Bowl.

When will we see more Jones?!
When will we see more Jones?!
Scott Olmos-USA TODAY Sports

It felt like the Bruins had a shot, didn't it?  You can thank Lou Spanos and his defense for that, since they did everything they could do (short of taking the field for the offense and scoring the points themselves) to keep the Bruins in the game against the up-tempo high-powered Oregon Ducks' offense.  Two weeks in a row and Lou Spanos' boys have answered the bell, while Noel Mazzone and his inept offense continue to cost UCLA important games.  For the record, it now makes Jim Mora just 4-4 against ranked opponents (and one of those included last year's Southern Cal joke squad which was in a free fall all season, at #21 when we caught them, so it's not like they really counted) and 2-4 in major conference games of significance (beating Arizona State and Southern Cal last year, while losing to Stanford three times in two years and Oregon last week).

So, in short, until Mora wins the big one and brings home a conference title, all of this talk about a #BruinRevolution and "culture change" is just that: talk.  For now, it seems we're too busy getting #Mazzoned out of victories by our gutless, unimaginative offensive coordinator's play-calling.  And with that being said, let's take a look at the various bits and pieces from around the UCLA-iverse as we kick off a long work week of hearing bandwagon Duck fans chirp:

Alright folks, those are your bits and pieces of news from around the football-related UCLA-iverse. Fire away with your comments, additions, thoughts, etc. in the thread as we kick off yet another work week.