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UCLA Basketball Beats Cal State San Bernardino 96-66

In front of a couple dozen fans at Old Pauley Under Glass


At least the Super Bowl operators had an excuse. They underestimated the electrical needs of the biggest sporting event in the world. UCLA and the OPUG operators meanwhile, couldn't keep the lights on for a glorified scrimmage, delaying the tipoff of TRA era by half an hour. The dozens of fans in attendance probably could have lit that court with their cell phones. More importantly, TRA finally has the opportunity to stop sticking his foot in his mouth and continuing one of the worst offseasons ever and let his team do some of the talking.

Anyway, this is the first look we got at some of our players. Let's see what they've been up to all summer.

David Wear - He's the same guy he's been since he was a freshman at UNC. Were you expecting anything different?

Kyle Anderson - More aggressive. Looking for his shot and trying to make the offense operate through him. Still rebounds well. Showed a willingness to go inside and post. It will be interesting to see how that develops.

Tony Parker - Still raw. Slimmer, but raw. Doesn't use his lower body enough to gain leverage on O or D. Pretty disappointing.

Jordan Adams - That kid is a machine. This is his team, and he owns it well. Whatever you thought he brought to the table last year, he still has it.

Zach Lavine - His hops and range are the truth. Long as you could ever want. Needs to see the floor. A lot.

Noah Allen - Raw. But needs to pick up the slack for however long Travis Wear is out. Travis is clearly the better option between the two, but Allen needs to see more floor time in the short term.

Norman Powell - Hey, he's actually taking it to the hole, with generally good results. Where has this guy been the last three years?

Bryce Alford - Okay on assignment D. Plays the passing lanes well. Garbage shot selection. Mediocre passing. Not what you'd expect from a coach's son. Is clearly less talented than the other guards and needs to see less time. MUCH. LESS. TIME.

And so the first game under TRA goes from "Lavin against EA Sports alert" at halftime with a mere 3 point lead, and expanded it to, well, more than that at the end. Yay.