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BN College Football Saturday: TV Schedules, Game Times, Morning Thread

Our Bruins Nation Saturday College Football open thread for the first half of the day.

#GoBigRed #GoHuskers
#GoBigRed #GoHuskers
Eric Francis

Good Morning, Bruins Nation!  It's nice to wake up on Saturday knowing we've already won for the week.  Saturday is just a little less anxious.  Today's slate of games may not be all too exciting, but there are a few games worth following.  We'll start the day here and preview the morning and noon games before putting up another thread for the afternoon and evening games.

Let's take a look at the morning games:

Maryland (25) at Florida State (8) - 9:00 am, ESPN - Maryland jumped off to a 4-0 start, beating powerhouses Florida International, Connecticut, Old Dominion, and West Virginia.  The Terp defense is one of the best statistical defenses in the country at this point, and we'll get a chance to see if they're for real this week.  Meanwhile, Florida St. has a tendency to play down to it's competition and lose conference games that it has no business losing, but Maryland's early season success may have put the Noles on notice.

Louisville (7) at Temple - 9:00 am, ESPN3 - Yawn.  Another week, another cupcake.  Yay Louisville!

Texas Tech (20) at Kansas - 9:00 am, Fox Sports 1 - Do you know the last time Kansas beat a BCS opponent?  On November 6, 2010, Kansas beat Colorado when they were part of the Big 12.  Charlie Weis deserves a twinkie if they pull of this upset.

Illinois at Nebraska - 9:00 am, ESPNU - Every game the Huskers win is a win for us, so GO BIG RED!  Both schools are 3-1 and playing the B1G opening game.  This game may or may not have conference title implications, but I've never been able to figure out what schools are Leaders and what schools are Legends.

Georgia State at Alabama (1) - 9:21 pm, ESPN3 - Seriously.  This laugher kicks off at 9:21 am.  On the dot.  That's all I can say about that.

Clemson (3) at Syracuse - 12:30 pm, ABC/ESPN2 - Clemson is playing it's third conference game, while Syracuse is playing their first.  On paper, Syracuse doesn't have much of a shot, but the game should be entertaining simply due to the fact that you get to see Clemson's speed on turf.

Georgia (6) at Tennessee - 12:30 pm, CBS - There are three one loss SEC teams ranked in the top 10.  Georgia is one of them, and they beat the other two.  It seems a little inSECtuous.

Georgia Tech at Miami (14) - 12:30 pm, ESPNU - If you haven't watched Nick Selby's convocation speech, you should.  Mr. Selby might need to give a pep talk to the Jackets to beat a pretty damn good Miami squad.

Minnesota at Michigan (19) - 12:30 pm, ABC/ESPN2 - Minnesota got off to hot start against lesser competition, but they sputtered last week in the B1G opener against Iowa.  When UCLA isn't playing, I'm a Michigan fan, and I think the Wolverines will cruise this week.

Kansas St. at Oklahoma St. (21) - 12:30 pm, ABC/ESPN3 - College football can be a crazy game.  A year removed from being in the National Championship picture, Kansas St. is 2-2 and lost to an FBS school in the opening week.  Meanwhile, Oklahoma St. looked like world beaters in the first three weeks of the season, but face a must win this week or the wheels could fall off.

Washington State at California - 1:00 pm, Fox Sports 1 - Mike Leach vs. Sonny Dykes.  The two were both assistants on Hal Mumme's Kentucky staff in the late 90's and bring a different approach to the Air Raid offense.  Leach runs a more pure Raid system, while Dykes' scheme relies on the running game more.  Washington State is favored on the road in this one.  It should be good fun.