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[UPDATED] Tony Dungy Reportedly Rejects Southern Cal [Imposter?]

Cross one off the list. Longtime NFL coach Tony Dungy tells the Trogans "thanks but no thanks"

Scott Halleran

According to almost everywhere, Former NFL coach and current NBC broadcast analyst Tony Dungy was approached about being Lane Kiffin's replacement and quickly turned down the generous offer.

More unusual is the Trogans' preferred method of contact:

Well you have to give them one thing, that's a creative approach given that Dungy is a devoutly religious man. But let's get real here. Ethical Pat Haden is undoubtedly going about this all wrong. Haven't heard a word out of Inheritance Hall about resetting his coaching search following this and keeping his phone line clear so that coaching replacements can call him.

Dungy did, however, offer Pat and the Trogans some advice:

"And that's what I think USC needs to do. They need to get a great college coach."

Wait, what? That actually sounds kind of familiar. Oh right, that's what we said a week ago when this circus began.

What were the Tier 1 candidates again?

Ed Orgeron - Great College Coach

Steve Sarkisian - Great College Coach

Mike Riley - Great College Coach

Jeff Tedford - Great College Coach

We could have saved the Trogans some time. Well at least Pat hasn't gone into full panic mode after being rejected by one of their top choices like some other LA based athletic directors that we know, but that doesn't change the reality of the situation. With another year of sanctions still upcoming and a depleted roster even after that, this isn't going to be a top tier job right now, but even with that, there are plenty of top shelf candidates that are realistic. Jeff Tedford, come on down!


Okay. Pat.  Whatever you guys say. As T noted -- just go with Tedford or other guys from our list and you will be just fine. Just trying to help you guys out here. GO BRUINS.