Uni Watch Still Hates Our Uniforms, Says Switch to Nike

Shoulder stripe? Or striped sleeve? With Adidas' second rate uniforms, you'll never know! - Chris Nicoll-USA TODAY Sports

As we've chronicled on BN numerous times over the years, our current uniforms with Adidas are not exactly well-loved by the fan base, especially since our once glorious UCLA shoulder stripes have been reduced to short nubs that sort of sit on the shoulder, but overall look like total crap.

Well, our good friends at Uni Watch continue to agree:

Utah wore all-black against UCLA. I don’t really mind too much, but that design/template is miserable. Is it just me, or are UCLA’s shoulder nubs creeping more and more onto the sleeves? For the love of Nutella, just switch to Nike already, Bruins.

Amazing that we continue to stick with this second-rate uniform supplier. But that's what you should expect when Chianti Dan hands Adidas a big fat check and contract without even getting competing offers from Nike or Under Armour. Why do your due diligence if it takes away time from swilling on some wine?


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