UCLA Players Appeal to Bruin Nation: Wear Black This Friday

Andrew Fielding-US PRESSWIRE

While the Morgan Center clowns are not doing much to help Coach Mora's effort to "black out" the Rose Bowl, our players went all out on Twitter today to get the message out to Bruins fans.

Here is our starting QB Brett Hundley:

Our future QB Asiantii Woulard:

And of course team-captain and our superstar OL Xavier Su'a Fillo:

It's clear that once again Dan Guerrero's incompetent athletic department has completely failed to properly promote this "black out." But, there is still time this week for the UCLA community to get it together despite of another massive Chianti FAIL.

For those who are out in Southern California this week, take the Friday off, or take a half day, find something black or buy something black from the student store online, and come out to the Rose Bowl in full force in support of the Bruins. This is a big game. Let's do whatever we can to get the message out. Share this post via Facebook and Twitter (clicking on social media buttons on this page) and get all your Bruin family and friends who are planning to head out to the Rose Bowl this FRIDAY to wear Black.


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