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Headlines in the Bruin Twitterverse - Black Out, Movember, and a Hot Time in LA

Also, NLIs are starting to roll in.

Stephen Dunn

it's a blackout, even if the Morgan Center doesn't want you to participate and buy a one time shirt for this event. Who needs to make any money? Wear your same, discolored, not in the correct color scheme (or worse, a color that isn't a UCLA color) shirt.  We don't need to look good on national TV.

The cleats look cool though:

Check out the unis!

It shouldn't even have to be asked:

Bruins in the NFL:

Follow a great new student group:

It has been warm in Los Angeles:

Although, not everyone is happy:

Don't worry, you get used to the nice weather.

Besides, you get into the "season" by:

With Thanksgiving coming up, start with "Planes, Trains and Automobiles" and then move into the eight million Christmas movies.

Is this the 8am class you'd attend?

Are you participating in Movember?

Welcome to the UCLA family.

Go Bruins.