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Sacramento State Hornets @ UCLA Bruins Game Thread

The slow early season slog marches on

Stephen Dunn

Another game, another likely road apple tonight at Old Pauley Under Glass. This time, it's the 1-1 Sacramento State Hornets, coming off of a stinging loss five days ago at the hands of Cal State Bakersfield. In that game, the Hornets' starting guards Dylan Garrity an Cody Demps played 39 minutes each and Mikh Mckinney 31 in the losing effort. This is important because the trio were responsible for 42 of Sac State's 66 points with Garrity in particular displaying some proficiency from beyond the arc.

As this appears to be another team that seems to rely on its backcourt for scoring, it's worth noting yet again that getting our fastest guys out there in man to man and our longest guys out there at the top of our zone should be a good way to shut this team down. To date, neither of those descriptions include Bryce Alford. Hint hint.

In the frontcourt, there doesn't seem to be much of note. Maybe starting forward Alex Tiffin with his "breakout" 10 point game against UC Santa Cruz in their first contest of the year, but that's more than outweighed by the fact that against CS Bakersfield, the Hornets' entire front line was outrebounded by the 6-4 Demps 12 to 10. Obviously with that kind of weakness, this would be a good game for the rebounding challenged Travis Wear to make his return to the lineup as has been rumored. If not, it'll still be interesting to see if the reinvigorated Tony Parker can keep up the form he showed against Oakland.

Tipoff is at 8 PM PST with TV Coverage on the Pac 12 Network.