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UCLA Football Players: Hands Off Coach Mora

Kirk Herbstreit floats a familiar name for the Texas job.

Stephen Dunn

Kirk Herbstreit was answering a few questions on Twitter, and an interesting one popped up:

At first glance, it would be tempting for Mora to head to a school that actually supports it's football program.  But, there is still unfinished business in Westwood - first, Arizona State, then Southern Cal, then the Pac-12 Championship game, THEN winning the bowl game and ending the season on a positive note, instead of the three game slide that ended last season.  Right now, Mora is meeting expectations (in regards to the win total), and we're hoping he'll continue to exceed them.

If Mora can accomplish all of these things, then the chatter of interested "premier" college programs will begin in earnest, along with a few NFL teams possibly poking around, and maybe our Athletic Department will realize UCLA can once again become a football brand, especially since they have been intent on destroying basketball.

The players however, are adamant - Coach Mora should stay.  HANDS OFF, Texas.  Keep your crazy ideas to yourself, Herbie.

Texas, how about a young, inventive coach that is currently available? His name is Lane Kiffin.  He has plenty of time to come visit the campus and talk about how much his players respect him.