UCLA Football: Bruins Get an Interesting "Commitment"

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UCLA apparently picked up an interesting commitment last night. Marlon Mack, a 5-11, 195lb running/safety prospect from Florida, who was not really on anyone's recruiting radar "committed" the Bruins last night:

There is not a lot if info out on Mack, who didn't have any offer from a major FBS programs (you can take a look at his offer-sheet here). There isn't a lot of info on Mack online except for very basic profile pages on,, 247Sports and this interview after one of his games in September. It's also interesting given that he has still not taken a visit to Westwood and it's unclear whether he has met Jim Mora in person.

Bruins need elite talent at the TB position. As last two games have shown Bruins badly need a game-breaker at the RB position. Right now our TB depth chart looks like this (when everyone is healthy):

Jordon James (Redshirt Junior)
Paul Perkins (Redshirt Freshman)
Damien Thigpen (5th year Senior)
Malcolm Jones (Senior)
Steve Manfro (Redshirt Sophomore)
Craig Lee (Redshirt)

Jones and Thigpen are gone after this year. Hopefully James will have a big year next year and Lee will flourish and live up to his 4-star hype. But for this program to make a jump into the next level, we need big time recruits at this position. Many of us are hoping someone like Joe Mixon will be in the mix, but no one knows where he will end up.

So with that context this commitment out of Florida is interesting. Perhaps Mack is one of those "diamonds in the rough" but as we have discussed numerous times over the years, for this program to make a leap it needs to be stocked up like elite programs. And, we need elite talent at the RB spot. We will see how this story ends up.


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