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GameThread for Chattanooga Mocs at UCLA Bruins

Will this game make a MOCkery of defense?

I fully expect Travis Wear to fly over the Moc Midgets tonight.
I fully expect Travis Wear to fly over the Moc Midgets tonight.
Jeff Gross

This game is one UCLA can't lose. I really mean that. This is one of those games where you date yourself. What is the prize for getting to a 100 because that is what is likely to be said in the thread at some point. (For me this is a possible Whopper game.)

So what is a junkie to watch in this game? A quick thought for each player.

1. Will UCLA need Jordan Adams to score?
2. Will Kyle Anderson shot over 50% from the field?
3. Will UCLA basketball junkies finally begin to realize that Travis Wear is a very good offensive player?
4. Will Zach Lavine set a new career high tonight in points or something else?
5. Will Norman Powell focus on attacking the basket instead of chucking up threes?
6. Will Tony Parker continue to dominate basketball midgets?
7. Will Bryce Alford play smart and have more assists than turnovers or missed shots?
8. Will David Wear play smart or shoot too many David Wear shots just inside the 3 point line?

Enjoy the offensive fun but keep some perspective as this is a really bad opponent.

Go Bruins!