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Headlines in the Bruin Twitterverse - It's Beat Southern Cal Week

Burn, baby, burn.

Harry How

It's BeatSC Week, but since we don't like to call SC SC, it's Beat Southern Cal week for me. It's the best week of the year! Let's start it off with a beautiful sight:

Aww yes.

The bear is in hiding.

Nice touch this year with the chalkboard paint. I hope there is a Bear Patrol.

There was a little fire last night:




Also, thank you California weather for cooperating and not being a windy night, allowing us to set the bonfire instead of the confetti cannon.

Caught slippin.

I hope this becomes a recurring theme.

Feel better soon, Simon Goines:

I'm not sure if you all caught this at the Rose Bowl, but Nick Ekbatani was able to run out of the tunnel with the team in the second half.

The recruits had a good time (outside of the result.. ugh) at the Rose Bowl:

It was also senior day. Thank you, Malcolm Jones:

And to all our seniors.

Football, it's time to start a new win streak.

Go Bruins.