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Happy Thanksgiving Bruins!

It's the fourth Thursday of November, which means we get to eat an insane amount of food, watch football all day, enjoy a four-day week, but more importantly, take some time to reflect on the past year and give thanks, and as Bruins, despite being stuck with an inept, chianti-swilling moron for an athletic director, we still have much to be thankful for.

Stephen Dunn

It's kind of appropriate that Beat Southern Cal Week happened to fall on the same week of Thanksgiving, because more than anything as Bruins, we should always be thankful that we got the good fortune to bleed Blue and Gold, to call ourselves Bruins, to have been blessed with the legacy of greatness that is Coach John Wooden, and to not be cursed to suffer the indignity of being Southern Cal Trojans.

It has been a long decade for Bruins under Chianti Dan's Reign of Error, but through it all, we have endured and continued to bleed Blue and Gold. And why is that? Because we're thankful (as are our awesome student-athletes - HT LA Bruin) for everything amazing about being Bruin, even if an incompetent sloven loser with a certain appreciation for chianti is doing everything possible to run Morgan Center into the ground. We're thankful for having been able to attend the greatest university in the world, a university that has embodied excellence in both academics and athletics; thankful to have had the chance to study (or nap) in Powell Library, slide down the hill next to Janss Steps after a rainy day (well, before they installed that wall at the base), walk the same campus as legends of humanity such as Jackie Robinson, Arthur Ashe, and John Wooden.

So, as we get ready for a huge, must-win game against Southern Cal this weekend, we want to wish all of you a very happy Thanksgiving. Enjoy your long weekend, travel safe, and remember to give thanks for everything great about being a UCLA Bruin!