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UCLA Bruins vs Southern Cal: First Half Game Thread

It's simple. Beat $c. That's all that matters.

The records don't matter. The position in the conference doesn't matter. The stability of the coaches doesn't matter. This is a must-win game every season.

Despite the ups and downs this year, I still think this is the most talented and all around best team we have had in Westwood in over a decade. The frustrating part is that I don't think we've see the Bruins turn in a 60 minute game all season, so we've never really seen just what this team can do. I think most of us feel that each week our team has played just below its potential. Well, today is the day for the Bruins to come out and play their best executed, most focused, and most complete game of the year. If they do that, this game won't be close. If they fall short, then this game is up for grabs.

Kickoff will be at 5pm Pacific and the game is televised on ABC. Live stats will can be found on this link from the Official UCLA site here. Live audio is available through TuneIn at the link here.

You can see our Beat $c week articles here and our previews of Southern Cal here.

Start fast, adjust on the fly, and play 60 minutes. Do this and we beat these clowns. And then we celebrate like crazy.

Go Bruins!