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Headlines in the Bruin Twitterverse - Homecoming, UCLA Women's Soccer Pac-12 Champs, and Surgery Updates

Also: Women's Golf reactions to being at LAX during the shooting.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Homecoming was a welcome back for a few football alums:

Name that restaurant!

Also welcome back Nelson Rosario:

And Kevin McDermott was also on hand:

It was a homecoming for Chris Kluwe at his high school:

Check out what a few entrepreneurial Bruins are working on:

Congratulations to Women's Soccer:

On the healing front:

Peng Peng will not compete this year due to this surgery but it was successful.

Last week the women's golf team was at LAX when the shooting incident happened:

The team eventually made it to Hawaii for their tournament.

Zach Lavine has mad hops, yo:

And they do put in work in practice, leaving the marks behind:

Allright basketball season, LET'S GO.

Puppy sleeps:

Happy birthday, Big Red!  (Bill Walton.)

Go Bruins.