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Southern Cal Unveils a New Look for Their Horse and Mascot - LOLS Below.

Disney better be on the phone soon for copyright infringement.

wow. from @usc_athletics
wow. from @usc_athletics
from @usc_athletics

Merry early Christmas Bruins.  Look what the Southern Cal marketing department trotted out (heheheh trotted) today:

Disney will be calling soon, they want their horse back.  In fact, he's already angry:



Oh it gets even better, they have their own twitter account.

All the times you said Southern Cal was just a cartoonish program?  IT'S TRUE.  Look, they're absolutely dynamite - look at their twitter username.

These two characters will appear at basketball games, and I'm sure everyone will love to meet them when we play Southern Cal in February.  That game will be on the Pac-12 Network, so unfortunately the nation cannot ridicule Southern Cal with us.  Oh, and ask Traveler how Flynn is doing.