National Media Call Out Guerrero for Alford Hire

Victor Decolongon

Really, it's not just us.

It's anyone with an open mind and a conscience. And the stain just doesn't go away.

Here is a partial transcript from the Chicago Sports Media Watch recent interview with nationally recognized talk show host and sports reporter Dan Bernstein.

Paul Banks: You've done the best reporting in the nation on Steve Alford. Your op-ed with "scumbag" in the headline was dead-on accurate; especially given how much America seems to have forgotten what he did in Iowa City. For those that forgot and/or those not paying attention to him and Pierre Pierce, what did Steve Alford do? How does he keep moving up the ladder despite character issues/not winning NCAA Tournament games?

Dan Bernstein: The facts of the Alford/Pierce story are easily available, so rather than rehash the ugly incidents here it's better to click on the links from this piece. He gets work because he's a decent enough coach, and some athletic directors are a combination of stupid, uninformed and insensitive to women.

Thanks again, Dan. It's always great to see our incredible University besmirched with ridicule and derision across the country because you couldn't do a professional, or conscionable, coaching search.

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