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Drexel Dragons @ UCLA Bruins Game Thread

Road to the Elite Eight Starts Here


It has been a long offseason to say the least. While Chianti Dan's awful hiring process has put Alford in charge of Coach's program and subsequently killed any early momentum that might have been gained by bringing in a qualified hire, the time for talk is now over and not a moment too soon. Steve "TRA" Alford's failures as a person and a human being are well known by now, but he has a chance over the next few months to show that he is not a failure as a coach, and that starts tonight against Drexel Dragons. Our preview of the visitors from Philly is here.

The road to the Elite Eight starts here for TRA and the crew left over from Howland's Pac-12 title winning team.

Tipoff is at 9 PM on the Pac 12 Network.