Sarkiffin Making Up and Believing His Own Hype

Stephen Dunn

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So, looks like a good start for the 3 Dollar Bill across town. He has apparently already won at least one championship at Washington since leaving! Just say it and it is so! Yeah, it is that easy.

In an interview for the Pac-12 networks Seven Win Steve talks about his hire and zzzzzzz, I don't care. I clicked on the interview just to hear "what does the Lemur say" (someone should make a spoof video of that, could be legendary). Thankfully, only 1:08 in 3DB reveals the big news ... you should have a listen.

If you need the play-by-play here it is:

Seven Win Steve: "I had the confidence that we were going to go in there [Washington] and do great things, win championships, go to bowl games, and all that great stuff. And we did that."

Uh, no Hype Boy. You never won a championship at Washington, never even came close. Did you tell Pat Haden that you did? Must have. I am sure you may have dreamed you won a championship but that doesn't count in the real world.

"Fake as a 3 Dollar Bill." Rings true. Ah yes, I am looking forward to the Sark years.

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