The Perfect Holiday Gift for Your Bruin Fan

-Bumped. BN Eds.

We Own This Town! And, now you have another way to say it! With your very own "U$C Trojans Suck" toilet paper.

I'm really not making this sh!t up, people.

I was reading the Sports on Earth Holiday Gift Guide about all the ridiculous products that are out there. C'mon, you know you've gotten some from someone in your family who no matter the gift giving occasion ALWAYS gets you something, however useless, with your favorite team's logo, Bruins or otherwise, emblazened across it, just because it has your team on it.

The U$C Trojans Suck toilet paper can be purchased from

In the meantime, what is the worst team-themed product you ever received as a gift? Or, perhaps you've purchased a really bad team-themed product yourself.

I challenge you to beat the worst one I've ever experienced.

My worst experience with a team-themed product is still the UCLA Bruins blue and gold tortilla chips. I believe these have been discussed on BN before, but it's been a while. IIRC, others have "experienced" these chips as well. For the uninitiated, I will try to avoid some of the details. But, suffice it to say that yellow and blue make green and that brings us back to the Trogans Suck toilet paper.

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