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Owning Up to BN's Predictions for 2013 Pac-12 Football

We compare our predictions to the actual results for the Pac-12 Football conference in 2013.

Stephen Lam

Hey Herbstreit!

How are you doing on your predictions this year? Yeah, that's what I thought.

Talking heads, prognosticators, stock analysts.

None of them own up to their predictions. They just skate by, hoping that everyone just forgets. They of course never forget to take the credit when they turn out to be right.

I mean, it's not like Herbstreit and the College GameDay gang predicted a Southern Cal victory over UCLA, or anything.

It's not like Phil Steele thought Southern Cal would go to the BCS game or anything.

All I hear now are crickets!

Well, we don't get paid for our predictions, which means we can own up to them. So here it is, if you remember from our post back in August.


So what do we take away from this? Well, first we got the winner of the South division wrong...obviously. Our three glaring mistakes were with ASU and Wazzu, who clearly overachieved, and with Cal, who was even worse than we imagined. I mean, they were epic bad.

And what of the schedule breakdown I provided back in January 2013? You know, the one of Easy Bear fame?

Well let's see:

Nevada: Medium - 17-13 at halftime, ended 58-20

@ Nebraska: Hard - 10-21 at halftime, ended 41-21

NMSU: Easy - 31-0 at halftime, ended 59-21

@ Utah: Hard - 21-17 at halftime, ended 34-27

Cal: Easy - 24-10 at halftime, ended 37-10

@ Stanford: Medium - 0-3 at halftime, ended 10-24

@ Oregon: Hard - 14-14 at halftime, ended 14-42

Colorado: Easy - 21-13 at halftime, ended 45-23

@ Arizona: Medium - 21-10 at halftime, ended 31-26

Washington: Medium - 27-17 at halftime, ended 41-31

ASU: Hard - 13-35 at halftime, ended 33-38

@ Southern Cal: Medium - 14-7 at halftime, ended 35-14

I think these were pretty accurate for the most part. So we lost 2 hard games and one medium one. To be elite, UCLA needs to win all its "medium" games and lose at most 1 hard game. We laid an egg against ASU for one half, otherwise we would have been very close to our expectations. We'll see what the next installment brings for the 2014 season! Easy Bear would love to see Brett Hundley come back.

That's all folks, would love to hear your thoughts.

Go Bruins!