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GameThread for UCLA Bruins at Duke

Duke has played multiple times this year already at MSG, so this is a pseudo-home game for them.

Go Kyle, have a great game back home!
Go Kyle, have a great game back home!
Dak Dillon-USA TODAY Sports

This afternoon at 4:30 UCLA gets its dose of Dick Vitale and ESPN in prime time back east.

For Kyle Anderson this is probably the biggest game of his career. Not only is he coming home but there are rumors that it was Coach K that caused the eligibility questions regarding Kyle and Shabazz Muhammad last season. In other words this game for Kyle is about playing in front of his friends and family and possibly vengeance.

For everyone else this could be like a 1970s Nets ABA game at Madison Square Garden, a lot of spectacular offense with little defense. The BN preview is here. The official UCLA preview is here and the Duke one is here.

Go Bruins.