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Headlines in the Bruin Twitterverse - Yes to Mora, Harkey's First TD, and New Drake Track

Drake Stadium. Not the singer.

UCLA Spirit came out for two halves last night.
UCLA Spirit came out for two halves last night.
Jim McIsaac

Well, between Dick Vitale ripping the UCLA fanbase for not wanting to show up for the product that Steve Alford is putting up on the floor and praising Duke nonstop, he posed for a picture with the only good part of our trip:

Would you be able to turn down Coach Mora and his coaching crew? Devin Lucien thinks no.

Sepis - do you want Brett to leave or stay?

Oh gross.

Um merry Christmas.

Oh come on Manfro, there are some good things there.

Fine dining in Japan.

On the NFL front, did you see Cory Harkey's first NFL TD?

Unfortunately Chris Kluwe is still unemployed:

Congratulations Kevin McDermott:

Check out New Drake Stadium!

This was an epidemic this week on instagram. It must be stopped.

Dear Russell Westbrook: Never change.  Put on your sunglasses, everyone.

Go Bruins.  Be yourself.