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2013 College Football Bowl Schedule and Weekend Open Thread

Which games will you be watching? Who are you rooting for? And what are your guesses? Your complete Bowl coverage continues here.

Stephen Dunn

Get ready for the top 70 teams, 34 bowls, and 1 National Championship Game. Yes that's right, 34 bowls. I remember when I was a kid, it seemed like there were only a handful of bowl games and they were all on January 1st. Well times have changed and a team only needs to win 6 games to get invited to a bowl game. For those who love to watch college football, this might be good news. But it seems to take a little of the thrill out of it for me. Non-the-less, I am glad that our Bruins are headed to a bowl game on New Year's Eve (and if you're in L.A. and interested in joining other bners for the game, check out Mexi's post). You can catch up on all of our coverage as our Bruins prepare for the Sun Bowl here.

Sbnation has a great interactive bowl calendar where you can get a great look at all of the dates, places, and corporate names! There are actually a few bowls still up for grabs e.g. the Texas Bowl and I was thinking maybe we should sponsor one. "The Texas Bowl", wouldn't that be awesome! On the site, the sbnation crew has their picks and links to their analysis of each bowl game plus articles from the teams blogs. This week gets started with the "famous" Royal Purple, Gildan, Potato, and the R & L Carrier Bowls! And for those of you still hungry, the beef bowl will be on Monday. You will have to wait until Friday for the Hunger Bowl (is that an oxymoron?). I think it would be cool if they organized the bowl dates by sponsor. I mean the potato bowl and beef bowl might make for a really great meal. Achilles has the best run down of the bowl games I've seen anywhere where you can also make your bowl guesses.  I particularly appreciated his take on the synthetic lubricant bowl (Royal Purple) so suited to both Las Vegas and Southern Cal.

The Pac-12 bowl season gets off to an early start this year featuring Washington State and U$C on Satuday in the Gildan New Mexico Bowl and the Royal Purple Las Vegas Bowl respectfully.   Washington State takes on Colorado State at 11 am (PT).  The mess over at Southern Cal hopefully will manifest on the field with the very together Fresno State kicking Southern Cal's proverbial booty beginning at 12:30 pacific time.  The "experts" are split on their picks in the Royal Purple Bowl, but I'm hoping for a shellacking of the trogans.   Go  Bulldogs!  Oregon State gets to go to Hawaii to play on Tuesday and Washington coached by fill in the blank plays on Friday in the Fight Hunger Bowl.  For a complete schedule and things to know about Pac-12 bowl games check out the sbnation coverage here.

Let us know what games you are looking forward to, who you will be rooting for, your favorite bowl names, and comments during the games here.

Below is the complete schedule of bowl games (all times pacific time), with links to sbnation coverage of each game: (* Pac-12 games)

Saturday, December 21st:

Monday, December 23nd

Tuesday, December 24th:

Wednesday: Merry Christmas!

Thursday, December 26th:

Friday, December 27th :

Saturday, December 28th:

Monday, December 30th:

Tuesday, December 31st:

Wednesday, January 1st: Happy New Years Bruins!

Thursday, January 2nd:

Friday, January 3rd:

Saturday, January 4th:

Sunday, January 5th:

Monday, January 6th:

Have a great Holiday Season and enjoy!