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GameThread for Weber St. at UCLA

Can Bruins put together 40 minutes?

Travis needs to rebound.
Travis needs to rebound.

The official press release says that #22 UCLA comes home to face Weber State. This will likely be the last time UCLA is ranked for a while. That is because the next three games at home with Weber State, Alabama, and just SC will do nothing to help UCLA in the rankings or RPI. In a sense these are games UCLA can only lose and a loss will kill UCLA's RPI. UCLA failed to get a good win during the non-conference season this year. Can they avoid a bad loss?

So today at 4 pm on the PAC 12 Network with Don MacLean UCLA plays a game that it should and must win. UCLA needs to play a good game, especially in the second half, to get the taste out of its month of the last three second halves.

Will Travis Wear finally rebound? He has just three offense rebounds this season. Will Zach Lavine break out of his slump? He is only made 2 of his last 14 three point attempts? But most importantly, will the Bruins win a second half?

Go Bruins.