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Headlines in Bruin Twitterverse: Home for the [Happy] Holidays Edition

Wishing all Bruins a happy, peaceful, and safe Holiday Season!

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Hope everyone is having a safe and peaceful Holiday. Things are quiet around UCLA athletics front for couple of days as our student athletes are spending time with their family and friends. Some of them are keeping us to up to date via Twitter.

First, let's start with our quarterback who is "stepping away" from everything for a min:

Take your time number 17 (before coming back to finish final prep. to get us win number 10). One of Brett's team-mate red-shirt freshman receiver Elridge Massington is back home (in Texas) and he is having some fun at the expense of drivers in LA:

Not sure we agree with you there EM. LA drivers are not too bad especially when you compare them from places such as ... oh ... I dunno .... Boston?

Kyle Anderson is spending his Holidays in LA and not happy about Pauley being closed on Christmas-eve:

Hmm. That's a detail Kyle ought to take up with his coaching staff?

Speaking of basketball, tweet from someone who reminds us of happier days:

And, lastly women's soccer head coach is spending the Holidays somewhere very cold:

To be fair she followed up with this beautiful shot of sunset:

Happy Holidays everyone.