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2013 College Football Bowl Season: BYU-Washington, Syracuse-Minnesota Open Thread

There are three interesting games in the bowl lineup today. One of them is already in record book as Marshall (10-4) from Conference USA beat ACC's Maryland (7-6) by a score of 31-20 (interesting side note for the Bruins here is that their upcoming opponent Virginia Tech lost to Maryland during the regular season.

Syracuse (6-6) and Minnesota (8-4) are going at it right now in Q1 (scoreless at the time of this blog post - LIVE on ESPN) . Then tonight (6:30 pm PST) Pac-12's Washington Huskies (8-4) are going to take on BYU in the Fight Hunger Bowl in San Francisco.  The Huskies will be led by former Bruin assistant Marques Tuiasosopo who is serving as the "interim head coach" to bridge the gap between Steve Sarkisian and Chris Petersen. That game will also be on ESPN and worth tracking for Bruin fans. Enjoy.