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2013 College Football Bowl Season: Notre Dame, Michigan & Miami in Action, TV Schedule, Open Thread

There are some interesting games in the bowl schedule today. From uclaluv's earlier post:

Weird to see Notre Dame accept the invitation for this random bowl game.  I get it that it's in the Big Apple and being played in the Yankee stadium. But still ... We have seen these guys reject bowl invitations to random games before (they can do that given their TV K with NBC). As for Rutgers, we need to keep track of them somewhat b/c Bruins are playing them up in Jersey in two seasons.

The Miami-Louisville game will be another one to keep an eye for us. Let's see how the Hurricanes offense look. I am sure Bruins' target Brad Kayaa (the best QB from Southern California who committed to Canes earlier this year) will be checking in on this game.

The Michigan-Kansas State game is going to be fun to watch as well. Bill Snyder's team are always so well prepared and fundamentally sound, while the Wolverines look to finish up a disappointing season (for them) on a high note.

Enjoy the games. If you are watching them this is your open thread.