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Brett Hundley mum on NFL but certain Mora stays

Brett Hundley was a guest on the Jim Rome Show earlier today. After discussing the victories over Southern Cal and the attitude around UCLA football, Hundley talked about his future in the NFL and Mora's future at UCLA

Brett Hundley killed the trogans on Saturday, then killed it on the air with Jim Rome today.
Brett Hundley killed the trogans on Saturday, then killed it on the air with Jim Rome today.
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Brett Hundley was a guest on the nationally syndicated Jim Rome Show earlier today.  After discussing our back to back victories over Southern Cal and the new attitude around UCLA football, Rome got to a couple of very timely issues: first, whether Hundley has any thoughts about the NFL, and second, whether Hundley thinks Jim Mora goes to UW.

Despite some tweets to the contrary, Hundley had no word on whether he was considering staying at UCLA versus leaving for the NFL, noting he is just focusing on the upcoming bowl game and getting a tenth win.  He was, however, much more forthcoming with his thoughts on whether Mora stays in Westwood or goes.

The transcript of that part of the interview is below.

Jim Rome: Now he [Jim Mora] tried to get you to commit to coming back to school right after that USC win. What did you think when he tried that?

Brett Hundley: Ah, you know, it was funny. I looked at him for a second, but it's a cool thing, you know, it was just funny. I remember him pulling me aside and it's on ESPN or national TV and then he asks the question and says that, and I said "Oh..." That was the last question I was thinking of at the moment. But it''s something we'll have to sit down and think about.

JR: I'm sure you've thought about that. So where's your head at with regards to your future when it comes to going to the NFL or staying back at UCLA? Where's your head at now?

BH: You know, I'm still really not even thinking about it too much. Obviously there's a lot of talk going on, but there's still a lot of time to decide, so I don't need to rush anything right now. I can sit back, worry about who we're gonna play in a bowl game, getting the tenth win which we really have to do this year and we're really shooting for this year. After that I can sit back, take my time, understand what's going on and everything that's gonna happen and go from there.

JR: Alright, so, Steve Sarkissian goes to USC which opens up the head coaching job at Washington which is Jim Mora's alma mater, and there was a report that he talked to the AD last night. What have you heard about that and how concerned are you that he might leave?

BH: I'm not concerned at all, to be honest. And I haven't really heard too much. Obviously there is so much talk about it right now, but I'm not concerned about it all. I know Coach Mora. I love him to death, and obviously he loves UCLA and the players and we love him. So we're not really worried or anything like that about him leaving.

Brett handled the NFL question expertly, which is just the right thing to do at this time, but his feeling for Coach Mora and about Mora's future at UCLA are clear.

Here's my idea.  Hundley stays.  Mora stays.  Guerrero leaves.  And we'll all move back to Westwood and celebrate the greatest University on earth.  And win some football games, too. Good?  Good!

You can hear the entire interview at the Jim Rome website for a subscription fee.  It's worth it for the interviews.