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Headlines in the Bruin Twitterverse - Mora stays at UCLA, Trolling Southern Cal

Also, the money talks.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Coach Jim Mora is staying in Westwood, and everyone rejoiced:

Before the extension was announced, Eddie Vanderdoes was sending out bits of his opinion:

Such a shame, puppies.  I know you had your hopes up super high, and you must have tweeted at Anthony Barr to gloat.


A message to our recruits:

Ok, Joe Mixon heard:

As always, their lists are in no particular order.

Let's hope surgery went well for Grayson Mazzone:

Devin Lucien was trolling the heck out of people on Twitter after his trolling of Southern Cal on Saturday:

Ok that's pretty low key, defending his coach.  It gets better.

He's just saying, that's all.

Speaking of the coaching news at Southern Cal, well..

Five star athlete Adoree Jackson:

A current UW player...

A few tidbits from the media:

Ok, while that's a good note to end on, let's end it on an inspirational one:

And the money speaks...

Go Bruins.