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BOOM! Klemm locks down another - himself

Klemm commits to his recruits and players and fellow coaches at UCLA and foregoes Southern Cal's attempts to buy him away from Westwood.

Coach Mora keeps his O Line Coach and Ace Recruiter, Adrian Klemm
Coach Mora keeps his O Line Coach and Ace Recruiter, Adrian Klemm
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

You knew it would look like this...

Klemm commits to U.C.L.A.  Welcome (back) to Westwood, Adrian!!

I felt that Klemm was attached to the young offensive linemen he brought to U.C.L.A., and after going through so much this year with injuries, would be anxious to see what he could do next year with a healthy crew coming back and a few more stud recruits to add.  In the end, it was enough (presumably along with a nice raise from Coach Mora) to turn down a reported truckload of cash from Southern Cal.

Still, with all the nervous back and forth the last couple days, I am thrilled that Klemm chose Westwood.  It's a great feeling when a coach as valued as Klemm picks our team over another, and likely left a lot of cash on the table in doing so.  This is great for the continuity in the staff and for our young offensive line, as well as for our hopes for the 2014 recruiting class, where some fantastic prospects are still completely up in the air.

So the good news continues in Westwood. For now. The benefit of having a great coaching staff is also one of its curses. Other teams are going to want our guys, whether for their recruiting prowess or their coaching and leadership qualities, or in the case of many of our staff, both. These guys aren't going to stay in Westwood forever, as success will  bigger offers and promotions, and at some point you have to accept that our position coaches will jump at the challenge of proving themselves as coordinators, or our coordinators will jump at head coaching spots.

But it is not this day!  Today we get to keep our ace recruiter and our valiant offensive line coach.  The window for success with this staff is small, but it's still open today.