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UCLA Hoops at Mizzou: Game Thread for First Real Season Test

The Bruins will face their first real challenge of the season to see exactly what kind of team we've got. The cupcake schedule is over and now it's time for the Bruins to see exactly what kind of team they have in the first year of the Hoosier Loser Steve Alford era.

Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

The Bruins come into this morning's game with an unblemished 8-0 record, but that's going to be put to the test today as Steve Alford's #18-ranked hoops team will take on the also undefeated Missouri Tigers in Columbia. And it won't be an easy task as the Tigers boast a 23-game home winning streak. Tip off is slated for a few minutes and you can catch the action live on CBS. It's an early morning hoops battle to see if this UCLA squad is for real, or has just been feasting on a bunch of soft cupcakes.

You can catch the BN preview by DCBruins here, with a lot more comprehensive notes about the matchups and what to look for. WWL has a preview up here. And of course, the Hoosier Loser is already serving up excuses if his team fails to get it done:

"We are a young basketball team. We know that," Alford said. "As long as we see progress, we are going in the right direction. I think we saw that progress in the last 10 minutes of the game."

This is UCLA buddy, not Directional Flyover State Tech. We all know you've been a flop whenever you played in a semi-decent conference, so just do what you can to not keep sounding like you're gutless.

Tip-off is, well, now. This is your early Saturday morning, it's kind of sad that people care more about women's soccer than men's hoops (but that's what happens when you hire a losing douche like Steve Alford), game thread for this morning's big early season test for the Bruins.

Fire away in the thread.