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Bruin Bites: Monday Winners' Edition

Various news and notes about UCLA as we start the week after a busy weekend.

The Bruins are chasing a lot of hardware this year.
The Bruins are chasing a lot of hardware this year.
Andy Lyons

Welcome back to the grind, everyone. I hope you all had a good weekend. You know who had a great weekend? UCLA, that's who. As far as Athletics go, the Bruins absolutely cleaned up in just about every sport over the last few days. I can't think of very many athletic programs that are as well rounded as ours...except for Stanford, who is nipping at our heels and winning national championships at a much higher clip than Chianti Dan will allow. Still, our various sports teams are positioning themselves for a good year, which is very much needed after a 2012 season that saw zero national championships for UCLA. In any case, here are a few news and bites from around the UCLA universe to fill your belly as we start the week.

  • Let's get started with a couple of videos from QB commit Asiantii Woulard. As you all know by now, Woulard may turn out to be the crucial recruit for this class, as the only QB. You can follow this link to see his announcement on ESPNU, but I am embedding another video below so you can see how excited he and his parents are for his Westwood adventure.

If you remember his tweets from signing day, you know what he thinks of his recruiting class. Looking forward to seeing him in action in a couple of years.

  • Staying with football, Coach Ulbrich gets a chance to discuss the linebackers that he reeled in, arguable one of the best if not the best group in the nation. I mean, if Ulbrich shows up at your house with war paint on his face, scowls, asks you to commit to UCLA then head butts the wall and puts a hole in it, you probably say yes. But since it's UCLA, he doesn't have to do that, he just lets the school and the staff sell itself. Nice going coach.

  • Another cool story from a 2012 recruit: the Daily Bruin has an article about Carl Hulick spearfishing. I don't know about you, but if I'm a fish and I see Carl Hulick spearfishing, I quickly evolve some lungs and get the hell out of the water. Just kidding Carl, love the passion, can't wait to see you doing some spearlining (i.e. pancaking some linemen). Here's the video:

  • Turning over to our women sports, it seems playing Washington State in hoops is like a boost of Vitamin C for UCLA's shooting. Following the men's victory, the Women's Basketball team beat Wazzu handily over the weekend. After a tight first half in which they finished only ahead by 2 points, the No. 17 Bruins shot 85% the in second half! Cori Close's team seems to be improving and may just hit its peak at tournament time. Nicely done!
  • Continuing their great start to the season, the women's Gymnastics team won a quad meet yesterday, which included #25 Washington. Freesia will have more details on that later today.
  • One team that has had a tough time continuing its perennial elite tradition is UCLA Softball. It is never easy to follow in the footsteps of a legend like Sue Enquist (please check out her web page, a Bruin through and through!), but I would love to hear from those in the know why things have gotten tougher for UCLA Softball and how the rest of the conference has improved so drastically. There are now 5 Pac-12 teams ranked ahead of UCLA, including 3 in the top 5. The Bruins lost a tough one to Texas A&M yesterday.
  • Finally, on some somber news, Steve Lavin's father, Albert "Cap" Lavin passed away over the weekend at the age of 82. Please join us in sending our condolences to the Lavin family.

Hug your loved ones and win the week. Go Bruins.