Daily Bruin [Columnist] Comically Attacks UCLA Basketball Fans

The Daily Bruin writers and columnists have a track record of being comically out of touch when it comes to UCLA sports. As has been blogged previously on this blog we are talking about the publication that once said this about Steve Lavin:

In his third year as head coach at what is the premier coaching job in college sports, Steve Lavin has proven to be well on his way to acceptance into the exclusive fraternity of his Bruin brethren, forever entrenched in UCLA lore.

He is everything that Bruin fans want in a head coach. He's young, stylish, hardworking, debonair, positive, energetic and one hell of a recruiter. He's the first coach since the Wizard of Westwood to guide the Bruins to more than one win in consecutive postseasons. He's making a name for himself as a great coach.

It's the same paper that once attacked Dorrell critics by comparing them to a known anti-semite and facist. It's the same crew that recently sat on the sidelines while Chianti's cronies were trying their best to take away student's courtside seats.

It was a matter of time before someone from the Daily Bruin would pipe up this season and attack UCLA fans for being critical of Ben Howland and staying away from Pauley to watch uninspiring basketball. It has happened. In a column published on the Daily Bruin this week (we are not going to link) some columnist offered up the following:

UCLA's fan base, on balance, seems to follow a self-fulfilling prophecy. A good number of local fans expect the team to underachieve because of the coach, don't go to Pauley and then see their team underachieve on television.

After that, bloggers like those on Bruins Nation, a fan blog, will write posts that call for UCLA to fire Ben Howland.

He also threw in this gem referencing the recent set of excellent blog posts here on BN about the national media's hate for UCLA hoops from BRO's Tracy Pierson and Bruin Blue:

Many are in denial, trying to blame the media for portraying them as bad fans, only succeeding in erecting another padded wall around themselves.

It is not difficult to rip apart the arguments from this kid in his poorly constructed and logically inconsistent "column." We feel sorry for a kid who doesn't seem to have any understanding of the overall state of program, which has been exhaustively discussed here on BN and I am sure will be continued to be discussed in detail by DC Bruins, Tydides and others.

Nowhere in the column there is citation of actual facts such as UCLA missing the tourney two out of three years and not winning a really bad Pac-10 (12) conference in 4+ years. There is also nothing in the "column" about how knowledgeable fans who follow this program closely, have completely soured on a coach, who has completely given up on the defense-first mindset that propelled those memorable Final-4 runs.

There is also the fantasy about somehow this community irrationally calling for the firing of Howland when the truth is we didn't come to that point until last season after the team missed the tourney for the second time and third year with the program basically in shambles.

In the past in response to column like this other frontpagers pushed back hard on the frontpage with link back to the piece. This latest silliness from the DB is not worth it because this appears to be nothing more than weak trolling to score some pageviews. For his sake we do hope he will get to experience a UCLA basketball program that lives up to the standards of what is supposed to be one of the elite programs in the country under a new coach. The way it stands now in few years he is going to be just as embarrassed as his previous Daily Bruin colleagues who glorified Lavin's greatness and defended a failure like Karl Dorrell.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of BruinsNation's (BN) editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of BN's editors.