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UCLA @ California Part II Gamethread

Every other Pac-12 leader has fallen flat on their faces. The Bruins will try to not do the same.

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Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

Just because it's Valentine's/Singles Awareness Day doesn't mean the #FarewellTour is off. It has been 6 games since the Bruins actually outrebounded an opponent, and it'll be on all the players to show some heart and put some effort into clearing the glass. As the schedule gets shorter, and more members of the PAthetiC-12 continue to stumble and play hot potato with the conference lead, the Bruins inexplicably find themselves just a half game out of first place.

On a separate note: For those NorCal Bruins looking at the $2 Stubhub tickets and thinking this might make for an inexpensive date, well, let's just say I see future you paying a lot more than a few bucks for that decision. Don't do it.