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UCLA Faceplants in the First Half and Embarasses itself at Cal

UCLA front court looks like junior high players against Cal. For those who need a refresher on why we have picture of wine being poured go here.

UCLA lost to Cal 76 to 63. But it was a tale of two halves.

Drew got the first basket on an open three Cal gave him. We started slow after that with Cal getting the next 8 points and Shabazz picking up two fouls, one a cheap frustration foul. Then It got worse. With under 6 left Crabbe of Cal had as many points in the first half, 13.

Kyle was bitching at Travis Wear. Speaking of Kyle I wonder what has happen to him. He looks beat. Adams looks happy but is shooting worse than Larry Drew II from three lately. Maybe the freshmen are worn out. First half score 47-22 Cal.

Briefly to start the second half UCLA showed some pride and knocked the lead to 15. But that was it. Cal woke up and then everyone inside for Cal took over, even some guy named Thurmonator. Cals bigs, Kravish and Solomon. looked like All Americans. UCLA's back court kept fighting in the second half as the lead went back up and down but never got it under 13. But Kyle Anderson and the Wears were so bad there is no way UCLA could come back.

To the other players credit they played with pride in the second half. Shabazz crashed the boards on defense as well as offense for 11 total. Larry Drew II played well and hit 4-5 three pointers and made Cal play him.

But the first half disaster was just too much to overcome. It was an embarrassment. A face plant.