Getting Smoked by Cal is NEVER Acceptable!

No one expects UCLA football or basketball to never lose, but what we do expect is putting a quality product on the gridiron or court every GD day. Losses are inevitable, but getting smoked by Cal is NEVER acceptable in ANY sport. Watching last night's debacle was so painful especially since I firmly believe that Cal has NOTHING compared to UCLA's rich athletic tradition. I will concede that they are the better school (to a certain extent) academically, but will never concede they are or should ever be better than UCLA's rich tradition of athletic excellence (with the recent exception of our basketball team and the football debacle in Strawberry Canyon).

Granted it has been some time, but Walton noted the 52 game winning streak UCLA historically had over Cal basketball. 52 GD games and we get smoked by Cal?! Are you kidding me?! Howland's record against Cal in comparison is 14-10 which stands dismally compared to going 52-0. No one expects UCLA to be undefeated against Cal, but to be only 4 games better that .500 is simply NOT acceptable including getting SMOKED.

Many may think this is heresy, but losses to Cal hurt me more than losses to USC. Why? Because Cal's fans' arrogance is summed up with their contention that UCLA is the "sister" school of Cal. For those of you who were pissed at Crabbe's ear to ear sh!t eating grin, you know where I'm coming from and have probably seen that from your Cal friends, especially for those of us who live in the Bay Area. Just paste that grin on your Cal friends' faces for the next week and get used to it.

So if you were to agree with my contention that UCLA's athletic tradition trumps Cal, than how is it acceptable that they get a $150 million 142,000 SF athletic training facility and UCLA gets a revamping of an 80 yard football practice field OR Cal gets a proper basketball gym renovation (including new seating bowl) and UCLA gets PUG? The last time I checked, both schools were dependent on state funds so DG and GB you have no excuse.

UCLA Coaches and Administrators take note: Getting Smoked by Cal is NEVER Acceptable!

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