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Headlines in the Bruin Twitterverse

A recap of UCLA related tweets over the past week.

I think Dwight Powell just spotted an alien.
I think Dwight Powell just spotted an alien.
Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

UCLA had two representatives in the All Star Game this week:

Six Bruins are getting ready for the Combine.

Looking ahead, the speaker for Commencement has been announced:

The Bill Walton love continued this week, for saying what he believes. Here's one from the Cal game:

And his wife is either looking ahead or taking it in stride:

But my favorite Bill Waltonism this week:

At least Tony has some good friends here with him on campus.

Ok, I agree. I always thought Oski was a shade creepy.

John Merrick won the Northern Trust Open this week, and there was a bit of a Bruin flair:

Oh so true.

When I was a student, definitely.

But that was because De Neve had just opened, and I was too lazy to walk to Hedrick.

Check your dog's facebook page!

It's girl scout cookie time!

Indeed, a bad shirt. Bruins defeated Southern Cal in Volleyball.

Here is your Nick Ekbatani update. He had to go back in for surgery, but he's determined to persevere.

Awesome! I would have taken more days to procrastinate!

RIP to Dr. Jerry Buss.

Great job Bruins!

26 hours on your feet, and raising nearly half a million dollars. 8 Claps to you!

What is a Bruin to you?

Go Bruins.