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BN Photo Caption Contest: Dan Guerrero Edition

As suggested by our very own creative mind, Fox71, let's take a crack at entertaining photo captions for this photo.

UCLA Bruins: This photo is worthy of your most creative caption.
UCLA Bruins: This photo is worthy of your most creative caption.
Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee/Image of Sport-USA

Let's have some good, clean wholesome fun and try to create some humorous, tasteful captions that are befitting of this particularly flattering picture of "Chianti" Dan Guerrero.

Besides the fact that he is an incompetent, bureaucratic buffon, also keep in mind that "Warrior" Dan likes to create his own legend, may be looking for a new job if our clueless chancellor does the right thing for once and bears an eerie resemblance to Danny Devito's character Penguin, in Batman.

Guerrero's contract has not been extended and is set to expire, meaning that all UCLA fans may benefit from leadership, for once.

As brilliantly suggested by freesia39, the caption contest winner may even receive a gift certificate to Krispy Kreme at a later time.

The winner will be decided on how many "rec's" a caption receives. If there are several captions worthy of note, then the BN editors will decide the finalists with their recommendation powers.