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Headlines in the Bruin Twitterverse

A recap of UCLA related tweets over the past week.


I get the feeling our incoming football recruiting class is going to be Twitter GOLD for the next couple of years:


I can't wait.

They are also FOCUSED and ready for next season.

Of course, this is probably due to Coach Jim Mora's influence. It's starting early.

I just love this. I'm sure all coaches do this, but it feels like there is an emphasis to stay on top of the players and keep them accountable for their actions. Just like Datone Jones mentioned this week at the NFL Combine:

When you get to the Combine, Coach Mora will just do a little thing for you like texting Rich Eisen and talking you up on the air:

It was fantastic, if you managed to catch it. Coach Mora was singing (texting?) the praises of Johnathan Franklin to Eisen and Mayock.


Of course, we do have a secret recruiting weapon:

Our basketball players like each other too:

Then Jordan Adam tweets about a game in which he scored 38:

In case you didn't watch the Southern Cal game, here is Kyle's new hair:

Hey, Southern Cal: SCOREBOARD.

That's right.

Teach them well, teach them young.

I want.

This is pretty awesome:

This too, but I haven't seen the commercial yet:

When did the "dorm" become home for you?

This week's musings by Kareem:

Oh yeah.

Go Bruins.