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Bruin Bites: Post Rivalry Week Edition

Some news and notes about the UCLA universe following UCLA's domination of rivalry week.

Bruins stood tall against Southern Cal this week
Bruins stood tall against Southern Cal this week

I hope you all enjoyed Rivalry Week. Yes, in case you didn't know, last week UCLA played U$C in 5 different sports, and came away with a 4-1 record, truly impressive. But of course, you would barely notice given how little attention your Morgan Center brings to the Crosstown Gauntlet. You remember this, don't you? It used to be called the Lexus Gauntlet, but it is no longer sponsored. Well UCLA has lost the last five Gauntlets, so you can bet that the wimps in the athletic department wouldn't want to bring attention to it. Meanwhile, if you do a Google search on it, the only people who talk about it are on Trogan sites. Hey Chianti, maybe if you cared more, we'd win more? Anyway, before rivalry week Southern Cal was slightly ahead, but now should be squarely behind UCLA, though I cannot find an updated score. Here is the official site.

With that, let's carry on with some news and notes from our Bruin universe.

  • Beginning with some updates from the combine, where 6 Bruins were invited to show their goods, it seems Johnathan Franklin has made a very good impression. Beginning with his workouts, where he posted the fourth best time amongst running backs for the 40-yard dash (4.49 seconds), and continuing with his interviews, Franklin has surely made his way up the draft rankings. He would be a solid player for any team who drafts him and I look forward to watching him on Sundays. Here's a tidbit about Franklin and his 2012 season.
  • The other UCLA player who has been turning heads is none other than Datone Jones. Well one of those heads is cheatmeister Pete Carroll, who actually tried to get Datone to go to Southern Cal but he was of course smarter than that. Apparently, turncoat traitor Ken Norton is giving him grief (jokingly) about not becoming a Trogan...I say you best pipe down Kenny boy. Datone has done just fine and he avoided playing for not only Cheatey Petey but also Trogan poster boy Lane Kiffin. He is projected as a first rounder. Fellow defensive player Aaron Hester will be in the spotlight today as defensive backs are on deck.
  • Turning to a sport that is near and dear to my heart, but that somehow is more of a sideshow in college, Cal once again crushed UCLA in Rugby. It's not much of a surprise, as UCLA is a club team and Cal Rugby is always tops in the nation. In fact, the article discusses how Cal's dominance is hurting the sport, as they essentially have no rivals. Well that is disappointing, as I find rugby to be the quintessential team sport. I find it quite ironic that football evolved basically in order to make rugby safer...and has instead turned into a much more violent version of the sport. I think it would be a great college sport, not tainted by cheating shenanigans, and I wish it were more popular.
  • On the jobs front, it seems Cal State Northridge was in the market for a new Athletic Director. Among the candidates was senior associate athletic director Ken Wiener. However the job went to Oklahoma senior associate athletic director Brandon Martin. Martin, incidentally, played basketball for Southern Cal in the early 90's. So unfortunately, Chianti Dan's "employment tree" hasn't really sprouted yet. But really, CSUN missed out on hiring a highly qualified candidate in Dan Guerrero, who could have also brought along a great basketball coach for them...
  • Speaking of basketball...Junior point guard Parker Jackson-Cartwright of Loyola has committed to Arizona. Guess who had been hot on his heels for a long time: Ben "Dementor" Howland. Just another example of the top local talent avoiding Ben's dumpster fire and going to play for a poser of a coach instead. For anyone still in denial of what we have been saying for a long time: local high school basketball coaches strongly recommend against playing for Ben Howland. This is but one example amongst many others.

Enjoy your week everyone. Go Bruins!