Breaking Down Bruin Ace Adam Plutko’s Mechanics

There was a really cool article at the Hardball Times in recent days which had pretty interesting scouting report on Bruin ace Adam Plutko. Kyle Boddy compared Adam to Trevor Bauer - another Bruin ace who had a pretty epic career in Westwood:

I took one look at Plutko and immediately sent it to my friend who's a pro scout. The first question he asked me was, "Is this guy a (Texas Baseball) ranch guy?"

The Texas Baseball Ranch is the home of Ron Wolforth, most famous for turning out Trevor Bauer. I didn't know if Plutko trained at the ranch, but he does go to UCLA, where Bauer pitched. Curious about the similarities, I synchronized their high-speed videos as best I could (Steve's and Trevor's cameras shoot at different frame rates, which is evident when you watch the video), and came up with this: [...]

Both Plutko and Bauer like to work up in the zone and believe that fly balls are advantageous, which, by the way, they might be right about when you adjust for their level. Plutko even said, "It's a lot easier to get outs with the ball in the air than with the ball on the ground."

Boddy concludes:

I would grade Plutko's mechanics as very good. I recently did a small project to test my mechanical grades against injury rates and found that my blend of subjective/objective measurements produced a fairly decent predictor of injury rate. (An article may be forthcoming on this as I do more research and depending on how much I can release given some obligations I have.) Only a few pitchers in that small test group graded out as better than Plutko. Bauer was one of them, naturally.

But you should head over to Hardball Times to read the entire piece in which Boddy breaks down Plutko's mechanics with number of videos. Good stuff.


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