Uniform Debacle

Greetings fellow Bruins. I've read this site for a few years now and posted a few comments now and then, but otherwise have not really been a posting presence on this board. However it appears that Chianti Dan has approved something so tradition-destroying for our basketball squad that he's managed to successfully ADD to the embarrassment that this program has become, and it has compelled me to vent.

First, a small bit about me because it will be relevant later: I went to UCLA for undergrad and Michigan for grad school. I'm a big fan of both schools but UCLA always comes first. Interestingly, both schools have uniform contracts with Adidas.

Now, I don't know if any of you caught this story in today's edition of USA Today online. Here's the link: Adidas unveils preposterous sleeved college hoops uniforms.

Take a look at the uniform our Bruins will be wearing in March. I recommend that you grab a airsick bag first.

This quote says it all:

Baylor and Cincinnati wearing gimmicky uniforms are fine. Even Louisville, with a deep basketball history but no conference roots, can get a pass. But how can athletic directors from college basketball blue bloods like Kansas and UCLA let this travesty take place? Last I checked, the rules of basketball, written by former Kansas coach James Naismith, say nothing about wearing shorts that look like the ugliest pair of bathing trunks you saw on your last trip to the beach.

It's bad enough that UCLA basketball has so severely regressed, destroying the legacy of top-level basketball set up by the great John Wooden. It's bad enough that we get embarrassed at home by an awful $UC squad. It's bad enough that football hasn't been very good since 1998. But the classic UCLA basketball uniform should be untouchable. How in the world did Chianti Dan ever think this would be well-received?

Having attended, graduated, and followed both UCLA and Michigan for a very long time, I can sum up in 1 quote the difference between the 2 athletic departments:

Michigan and N.C. State had good enough sense to say no to Adidas, reports Sports Business Daily.


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