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Super Bowl Open Thread

The Baltimore Ravens and the San Francisco 49'ers vie for the Vince Lombardi trophy.

Gigantic Roman Numerals...must be Super Bowl Sunday!
Gigantic Roman Numerals...must be Super Bowl Sunday!
Ronald Martinez

After two weeks, the hype is over. We've heard all about the Brothers Harbaugh. We've heard all about New Orleans. We've heard all about Baltimore being a team of destiny. We've heard all about Colin Kapernick and the pistol offense. We've heard, literally, from Beyoncé (please pray with me for a wardrobe malfunction today!). And we've heard absolutely everything there is to hear about Ray Lewis. We've heard so much it would be pointless for me to analyze this game any further, so I'll be lazy and link. The SB Nation mothership has great pregame coverage, and Niners Nation and Baltimore Beat Down are the SBN blogs in charge of things today and the source of more than you could ever imagine with each team's analysis and perspective

There. Now that I've done my part to break down the matchup, it's finally time to end the hype and get down to what this game is all about. Commercial$.

Well, that, and crowning an NFL Champion. The Baltimore Ravens and the San Francisco 49ers meet today in Super Bowl XLVII (which is the arrogant way of saying 47) today.

Pay close attention, BCS. This is the biggest sporting event in the world for a reason.

I know we have a lot of Niner fans in Bruins Nation. We also have some anti-Niner fans. I have no idea if we have any Ravens fans, but we do have a future Bruin named for a Bruin/Raven Hall of Famer. And for sure we have a ton of football fans. Since this is the last football game for a long time (sniff), tune in to CBS a week ago for pregame and at 3:30 PST today for the game itself and login here at BN to tell us where you're watching, who you're rooting for, what you're munching on, and what you think of the commercials, the halftime spectacle, and even what you think of the game itself.

Here's your Super Bowl XLVII Open Thread. Have at it.