Priest Willis Reaffirms Commitment to Bruins


In the mountains out of molehills department...

UCLA commit Priest Willis, a 5 star DB from Tempe, Arizona reaffirmed his commitment to U.C.L.A. tonight.

via SBN Recruiting's twitter:

The the young man himself tweeted an end to the mess.

I like "clam down". It's like "calm down" and "Clam it!" put together. I'll be using it.

Why all the fuss, you ask? Well, the controversy began earlier today when it was unexpectedly announced that Willis would not sign his LOI tomorrow as originally planned, giving the circling media sharks reasons to speculate, and giving LSU and ASU a last glimmer of hope. And the virtual spark quickly became an internet inferno.

Mike Walker, Preist's stepfather, took responsibility for the mixup as he explained that he thought that Priest's mother had to sign the original LOI. Since she is currently out of town, the LOI would have to wait for her return to sign. No worries. Arrangements have been made for her to sign an e-copy, so Priest's commitment, and that of his pal Tahaan Goodman, remains strong.

Such is the chaos surrounding National LOI Day. Hang on, Bruins. It will be a wild one, but it should be a great one for U.C.L.A.

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