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Bruin Bites: Barr for Defensive POY, Campus Arrest, Non-Revenue Roundup

It's Monday morning and we get this work week started with a look at the usual round-up of the various bits and pieces of news from around the UCLA-iverse, including a look at how UCLA's various spring non-revenue sports are faring so far this year.

Come on, you know you missed seeing this.
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It's Monday morning, which sadly means the weekend is over (and we were robbed of an hour of that precious weekend enjoyment too!) and it's back to the grind; it also marks my return from my sabbatical to return to regularly posting this Monday morning regular Bruin Bites post. So, what did I miss? Well, Ben Howland has managed to take the top recruiting class in the nation and back into the regular season conference title. Hey, it's not everyday that the most talented team in America's weakest major conference needs to follow the Rick Neuheisel plan to winning conference titles: backing into it thanks to others' help. So, to my feathered friends from Oregon, thanks for choking in Salt Lake City! And, of course, with the laughable conference title (which should have been a run-away, not-even-close contest with UCLA's talent) in hand, the Howlers are sure to come out in full force (now, I'm remembering why I was on vacation). So, with that, let's get right to it and take a look at at the various bits and pieces of news from around the UCLA-iverse:

Alright folks, those are your Bruin Bites to start the work week with. Fire away with your thoughts, takes, and additions in the comments thread.